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Blitzem Someday!

Mon, 28 August, 2017
Blitzem Someday powers over Floyd
Blitzem Someday powers over Floyd
"He promised to fulfill his namesake"
Blitzem Someday finally saluted the judge for his new owners, tipping out a classy field of up and coming sprinters on Saturday at Belmont.

After two sensational runs at 1000m to open the campaign but only able to finish off into 4th and 5th respectively, the small field and better draw enabled Blitzem to scorch past the heavily fancied Floyd.

Blitzem returned to the races, running the fastest sectional of the day in each of his first up two runs. He repeated that on Saturday, running home more than half a second faster than the talented Dainty Tess in the higher graded race on the same day.

We always knew he had it in him and we have probably found his pet distance is much shorter than we initially thought. He will remain at the shorter sprint trips of 1000m to 1200m for the time being.